FotoArtReus is an organization of Club Natació Reus Ploms. It is a platform which comprises several photography exhibitions that promote de name of Reus and Catalonia around the world.

Fotosport is the most veteran exhibition. Since 1970, it welcomes the best sport photography from all over the world. The skill and keen eye of the photographer offer us a personal vision of the most intense moments of sport and its environment.

Europa is for our country, Catalonia, a constant referent throughout history. As the passing-through land we are, we have been willing to know and acknowledge all the influences that come from the north.

When we created the exhibition in 1973 ?a closed and autarchic period for us? we wanted to dedicate it to Europe because it was an opening window to the world to let fresh air in, as well as new ideas.

Finally, GaudiRfoto is the youngest exhibition. Since 2013, it has wanted to unify three apparently disparate concepts. In Catalan, “Gaudir” means to enjoy doing some kind of activity. Gaudí, the most international architect, was born in Reus. Therefore, we would like to claim his universality. Because of this, GaudiRfoto would like to transmit the idea of enjoying photography from Reus, homeland to the great architect Gaudí.

Due to GaudiRfoto’s international vocation, we want to join a more international and global project in the photography world, such as the Circuit Intercontinental. We would like to do this by collaborating with Andorra, Cuba, Panama and the Dominican Republic. In this way and faithful to our origins, we expand around the world the joy of photography from Reus through the remembrance of Gaudí.

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