III Intercontinental Circuit 2018

Internacional, intercontinental

When we started the Intercontinental Circuit in 2016, we said it was a global contest that reflected our ever more global and interconnected world, while being unique at the same time, an aspect endowed by its global scope.

The five widely diverse countries from two continents involved in the contest are what give the circuit its global nature: two European countries in Andorra and Spain, and three American countries, with Cuba, Panama and the Dominican Republic taking part.

This global scope is what in turn gives the circuit its unique character. This single contest features five widely diverse countries that can view and appreciate the same photographs from five different viewpoints and photographic cultures.

We believe this gives the contest a unique wealth and diversity of ways to understand photography for the art of light it is. However, this does not prevent the juries’ results from being a careful selection of the best photographs and artists who put their trust in us by sending their photographs to participate in our Intercontinental Circuit.

In this edition, we have received 6227 works from 554 photographers, coming from 57 countries across the world. We believe that this enthusiastic participation as well as the excellent works that we have received help to strengthen our project and they encourage us to continue to try to be a benchmark within the photography world.

As always, we want to thank the juries for their great work which involves great responsibility. We also want to thank to all the artists who have entrusted their works to us. Without them our project would not be possible.

We look forward to seeing you in autumn 2019 with the fourth edition of our Intercontinental Circuit.

Josep M. Casanoves Dolcet, AFIAP, EsFIAP
General Chairman of the Intercontinental Circuit