II Intercontinental Circuit 2017

Internacional, intercontinental

In the previous edition, we highlighted the uniqueness of our circuit since it comprised five different countries from two continents, which, as you may know, were: Andorra, Spain, Cuba, Panama and the Dominican Republic.

Everything suggests that this uniqueness has been well received in the context of international photography salons since, in comparison with the previous year, the participation has been much higher and therefore the quality of the pieces of photographic art received has also improved significantly.

The participating juries have had to do a great job in the selection of 6994 pieces of photographic art received from 616 photographers from 53 countries from around the world. As previously mentioned this selection has been laborious and has also required great commitment in the awarding of the several prizes granted in each salon.

We would like to congratulate the winners and thank all the artists for collaborating in this project. The Intercontinental Circuit could not be possible without them and without you. We would also like to thank the jury’s commendable work, who is also a fundamental part of the Intercontinental Circuit.

Thanks in advance for helping with this project.
Josep M Casanoves Dolcet AFIAP – EsFIAP
Chairman IntercontinentalCircuit